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Self Portrait, Murphy CA

Brentwood Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I am a Brentwood CA wedding and portrait photographer that began my interest in photography when I first held a camera in my hand. At sixteen when I was at my uncle’s house he showed me his camera it had all these gadgets and buttons and knobs that really excited me to know more. I asked my parents to buy me a camera for my birthday and when they did, I never put it down.

As I entered college, I wanted to become a travel agent. I never finished the course because the last quarter into my major, I took a photo class. At first, I didn’t care for it I must say. It was difficult learning to process film trying to get your film into reels to process them manually. And then printing your own photographs in a darkroom took some time getting used to. However, it started to literally click for me, and I fell in love with the process. I always found it fascinating how negatives could turn into physical prints. After a little awhile, the darkroom became my second home. It was my social hangout too. I loved being around all the talent in college and the ideas behind those images other students created. I met so many wonderful teachers and great artists. Later I transferred to San Jose state and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in Photography and a minor in Photojournalism. At San Jose State, I learned a lot about the art of the photograph not just about the sales of photography but how to have a voice behind your work it brought a whole new perspective for me. I graduated from San Jose State in 2006.

While in school, I had started photographing some weddings and portraits but didn’t do it full time. Soon as I graduated College, I put my energy in working as a professional photographer. I started by working under a photographer who specialized in weddings for a few years and this photographer showed me a whole new world and taught me a lot of what I know today. From that point on I loved working in this field.

I have been in business now for about 15 years. Along the way I found what I like to photograph. Even though I have been in photography for quit sometime, I am still learning and growing. I love learning new techniques and ways to communicate. In essence, I am a work- in- progress still to this day! Along the way though, I have worked with other photographers and other photographers have worked with me. This really is a wonderful experience to learn and grow in this field and just to get to know awesome people.

In the field I work very organically things just come to me. I don’t torture myself on any one pose or direction of light. I am the biggest photo nerd you will probably ever know. I don’t take myself to seriously. I do take my work seriously, however, but not myself. I like to have fun when I shoot and when I go into a wedding. I am little silly and goofy, and I don’t mind showing that side of me.

I am a wife and mother to a 16-year-old I still can’t believe how time flies. I am a pet mom also. I have birds, fish, a dog and a cat that thinks he is a human child. I love watching true crime shows and National Geographic Channel especially when they show planetary systems. I love reading mystery novels and ghost stories. I love taking long walks into nature. The woods really refreshes and invigorates my soul. I love working out to Zumba and step aerobics and just taking long walks while listening to podcasts or music. I am a big lover of food and wine... you can call me a foodie. Recently, I have been dabbling in creating things with my hands to work on conceptual ideas for my photography. Soon I will be posting the other side of photography that I am exploring.

A picture of me in the film darkroom at Chabot College, Hayward CA.

My darkroom days in college

Husband and daughter selfie, Brentwood CA

My 2 kids my daughter and my husband.

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