Family photography is one of the most important sessions there are because it captures a specific point and time of your family. There is nothing more beautiful to look back than memories of how your growing family has changed. It holds a connection to the present and future of the family. A notch in the family tree.

I like to create different types of family portraiture. Some families like to be photographed having fun playing with their kids at home or in a park like a journalistic approach and I love that idea especially if the family has small little ones because their attention spans are short. This type of portraiture I will work with the family in their home doing random and everyday things trying to capture true life moments.

Then there is the outdoor portraiture sessions with the family in a lovely setting outside creating a very relaxed portrait or with play for a more traditional portrait.

I also have the capability to shoot family portraits in a studio environment.


These type of portraits are best when the senior wants to be captured reflecting their personalities. For example, a ballet dancer may want to bring her ballerina shoes or the whole attire to be photographed in. Or a football player may want to be photographed in his letterman jacket with his football. Or if they are into fashion may want to bring drawings of the clothes they design. These portraits can be photographed both in a studio setting or outdoor setting.


I love celebrating the female what better way than a timeless portrait of herself. To me confidence is beauty and so I want to bring that out in a photograph. Sexy is a state of mind. The portrait does not have to be lingerie unless the client wants to be photographed in that manner. I think with lingerie or a beautiful dress or even in jeans with a shirt a woman can look absolutely stunning. I feel every woman should have a gorgeous portrait of herself. These pictures are mostly photographed in studio but can also be photographed in their own home or outdoors.